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Łódź has much to be proud of, show it to the world

‘I support all initiatives which strengthen local identity and cultivate tradition in the times of globalisation and diminishing differences between people. Łódź has always been famous for textile industry. Brave women, who were able to resist a rigid system, became the symbol of the city. They showed the true spirit and strength of the Polish women. Łódź proved its value also in the August of 1980, when it became a strong centre of resistance against the authorities and it participated in the great movement of Solidarity (Polish trade union). The support of Łódź was very important for us – there, at the shipyard. I am happy that Łódź wants to return to such traditions, to its roots, and make its interesting contribution into building strong Poland in new Europe and the global world. This city really has much to be proud of. Show it to the world.'
Lech Wałęsa

It's worth reading Hrabal

In the past, you couldn't just buy a book – you had to somehow get it. You would stand in lines, look for them in street markets, bazaars.

5 in Lodz Library

‘In 5 in Lodz Library, we would like to form some spiritual and emotional energy,’ says Andrzej Walczak in an interview for the Polityka magazine. ‘We have not found a more beautiful means of presenting words than by passing on and publicly exhibiting books which are important to various people,’ he adds.

Piotr Sarzyński, Polityka magazine 


Łódź is first

An interview with Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

EC1 Arttraction Railway Journal: Would you like to go back in your memory and tell us when you heard about the idea for the first time?

Bogdan Zdrojewski:
Some time ago, it was about a network of railway connections. It was quite unusual, actually. My former deputy -Mayor of Wrocław, Zygfryd Zaporowski, who collaborated on Wroclaw-Lodz-Warszawa railway line, asked for my opinion regarding this project and its possible implementation. It was the year 2002. He simply remembered that not only do I know conditions concerning local planning, but also, as a former engine driver, I know the railway. Indeed, I did travel around Poland as a junior engine driver, but I was only twice in Łódź, once with a cargo and once in a passenger train.

A leap to the 21st century

Programme of construction of high speed railways in Poland

The current shape of the Polish railway network is a result of connection of three separate railway systems from the era of partitions (the 19th century). If we look closer at the railmap of Poland and analyse its density and main routes, the boundaries of partitions are clearly visible. One of such boundaries crosses Łódź.

Łódź will be central

‘The most probable date of the beginning of construction works is the year 2014. Such works typically last about 2 years, so in 2016 the cross-town tunnel should be ready,’ says Zbigniew Szafrański, the president of the Board of PKP PLK S.A.

I am waiting for culture to wear down

‘Everything has its beginning in Łódź. There must be something special about this place since so many great, legendary people were born here and gained international recognition,’ Krzysztof Candrowicz wonders.

The Atlas company asked 15 citizens of Łódź to choose 10 women and 10 men each. These selected people will receive EC1 jeans in order to ‘wear culture down’ together. EC1 Arttraction Railway Journal talks with nominees about jeans and the ambassadors of Łódź who will wear them.

Gortat, Partyka, Bednarek, and Matczak

‘I live in the city centre; I travel a lot and use the Łódź Fabryczna station. It will be more pleasant for me to leave from the new station, not this ruin of a building which is now standing there,’ Aleksandra Urbańczyk says.
I change along with the City
Piotr Szczepański: ‘When shooting the film about EC1, I will record not only the transformation of people and places, but also the change of myself.’