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Take into consideration only achievements of those who pave the way

Being a rolling stone, the need to fulfil herself and to cross borders were parts of her character. She crossed them most of all in her art. An image of a calm, warm, and charming woman was created by people who did not approach her art-wise. If something concerned art, she was quite the opposite. The life of Katarzyna Kobro, a sculptress, known in fragments and reconstructed on the basis of accounts, memories, documents and photos, looks like a movie script. In fact, it has become one.

The City of 4 streets

A city which so often and so willingly emphasises its multicultural past and which has decided to change its centre should not separate these two issues. It is also a matter of modesty and not being arrogant about its importance. The fact that we are today's inhabitants of Łódź does not mean that from the perspective of history and development it is the best time for the city. We can easily imagine that certain people, who are not here with us for many reasons, could do more things and do them better than we can.

Railways are still attractive

Interview with Krzysztof Celiński,
President of the Board,PKP Intercity SA

When will PKP Intercity make its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange?  Are you still opting for the year 2010 to be that moment?
I reckon the year 2010 is rather attainable for PKP Intercity's entering the stock exchange. When I think about the privatisation of our company, I recollect an article in "The Economist" about Chinese companies on the stock exchange in Shanghai.


Gerhard Jürgen Blum Kwiatkowski shows how art changes the city

Krzysztof Cichoń: Do you remember when you came to Łódź for the first time?
Gerhard Jürgen Blum Kwiatkowski*: Not exactly. I think it was in the 1940s or in the early 1950s.
Do you remember why you came here?
Yes, I came here to see the Museum of Art. In those times, a journey from Elbląg to Łódź was a real odyssey. It sometimes took a couple of days and you needed to take packed lunch with you.

Łódź an example for others

an interview with Andrzej Wach, President of the Board, PKP SA

The story of Bernard Lichtenstein

The only thing I regret is that I'M NOT THE ONE WHO INVENTED JEANS
Yves Saint Laurent

It is 1937. Bernard Lichtenstein takes his first steps on the American land. He gets off the boat that transports the immigrants from the docks of the port in New York to Ellis Island. Like thousands of others, he dreams of America and a new life. Together with his family, the forty-three-year-old Jewish tailor, crossed the ocean on the board of the SS Kościuszko transatlantic liner. He was squeezed among other passengers, mostly poor Jews who had sold their possessions in order to buy the tickets.

EC1 Jeans build culture part II

In the first issue of ”EC1 Arttraction Railway Journal” you read that Atlas was the first company to join the project of building the New Centre of Łódź. Fifteen people were asked by Atlas to choose ten women and ten men who will be given EC1 jeans. We have talked with one of the electors, a film producer – Piotr Dzięcioł.