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Łódź the ideal city

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KDP kluczowe dla Europy
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Jak nieoficjalnie donosi Polskie Radio, Komisja Europejska uznała projekt budowy pierwszej polskiej linii Kolei Dużych Prędkości za priorytetowe przedsięwzięcie dla unijnego systemu komunikacyjnego. Bruksela wpisała projekt na listę kluczowych dla Wspólnoty projektów, umieszczając ją na transeuropejskiej mapie połączeń transportowych.

The history of the most important investment in Łódź

The idea for the reconstruction of the station and its vicinity dates back to the 1920s. However, the inhabitants of Łódź had to wait for nearly a century for its implementation. It all began in February 2006, when Łódź signed a framework agreement with Polish State Railways (PKP S.A.) regarding cooperation which is to cover the grounds of Łódź Fabryczna station. This was a step in the development of the idea of building the New Centre of Łódź, which originated from the idea to revitalize the historic EC1 power plant and convert it into a modern art centre.

Revolution in the centre of Łódź

The Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, met with Daniel Libeskind in Milan. It is another step towards achieving the goal of implementing the vision of the famous architect in the area of the New Centre of Łódź. On 29 July she showed, together with the president of the EC1 Łódź Foundation, Andrzej Walczak, initial, revolutionary visualisations prepared for the New Centre of Łódź by the American architect.

Multilevel city

Soon, Poland may be divided into parcels not only on the surface, but also under the ground or even up in the air. All this thanks to a special new law modelled on the western model of land management, which is being developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and which may be extremely important for the construction of the New Centre of Łódź.


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New Centre of Łódź and Kobro Square

The New Centre of Łódź is a pioneer operation on a living city, both in respect of matter and idea. The concept of spatial development for this area was prepared by a Luxemburg urban planner, Rob Krier, in 2007. The starting point for the entire project is the idea to create a high speed railway line under a city. At the same time, the New Centre of Łódź will be a place which will define the character of Łódź as a city of culture and art for a long time.